How to use Chromakey to replace video background

As any modern video editor, Bolide Movie Creator has a function to replace a solid background.

What is Chromakey

Chromakey is an algorithm that allows you to combine multiple videos or images in one frame. With the help of a chromakey, you can "remove" the background and "add" an image or video through the video editor.

How to properly shoot a video for Chromakey

The result of applying the Chromakey algorithm depends on how you shoot the video. The primary condition is a uniformly lit solid background. It is unnecessary to use green. You can use blue (but not white or black! Red is also a wrong choice). Before shooting, make sure that there are no colors on the object of interest that match the background color. Otherwise, these areas will also be cut out by the algorithm. Look at the picture:

proper video shooting for Chromakey processing

You see, the man is well-prepared for the shooting - he not only bought a proper background on Aliexpress but also took care of special lighting (by the way, it is easy to buy on Aliexpress). What if he had a green tie? He would have had to re-shoot with another one!

How to use Chromakey in Bolide Movie Creator

Now, the details about how to use Chromakey in our favorite video editor.

That's all. I hope you succeed!


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